Values & Mission

Mission Statement

The past 50 years have been a time of remarkable change for women in the United States, where a woman’s long deserved access to the path of self-actualization in life is one of choice. This, we think, is as it should be. Through this revolution the actions to enhance the rights of women in freedom and identity, however, have become harmful to men and their equal rights, which erodes the Social Contract for both genders.

With secular humanist ideals as our guide, we proclaim our values and mission as including, but not limited to, dialogue and public awareness on issues, and to the extent possible affect accountability of the courts, for compliance with statutory law.

Values Statement:

  • We take no side at all in partisan political struggles;
  • We take no stand on religion or lack of religion. We neither endorse nor oppose religious principles;
  • We support and endorse only non-violent reactions to gynocentrism;
  • We oppose misandry and misogyny in all forms;
  • We oppose all government authority over or interference in the private lives of consenting adults engaged in any form of interpersonal relationship;
  • That a judicial review board be granted the authority to hold the State District and Superior Judges accountable for substitution of personal moral mandates instead of applying the Rule of Law.
  • We define marriage as a civil contract based on mutual good faith between the parties;
  • We define the U.S. Rule of Law and the Constitution as secular by necessity, from inception;
  • We support and endorse gender equality under the Rule of Law, and oppose any law, application of law or interpretation of law based on gender that is contrary to the principle of equality precisely as the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was originally written, and signed into law.

Mission Statement:


  • Specific knowledge that the Alaska judicial system does not administer strict literal interpretation of Alaska Statute, Section 18.66.100: Protective orders: eligible petitioners; relief, and thus violates the law.
  • Specific knowledge that the Alaska judicial system does not administer strict literal interpretation of Alaska Statute 22.15.120 which sets limitations on proceedings which magistrates may hear, and thus violates the law.
  • Specific knowledge of abuse of judicial power regarding division of marital assets.
  • Specific knowledge of utilization of the power of the state and taxpayer money to further feminist ideology.


  • Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) precisely as it was originally written, and sign it into law.
  • Abandonment of the Duluth Model and all patriarchy theory-based models of domestic violence in favor of non-ideological evidence-based solutions and programs.
  • Revocation of primary aggressor laws.
  • Revocation of mandatory arrest laws.
  • The requirement that all state and federally funded DV programs to extend full and equal services, including shelter, without regard to gender.
  • The end of alimony except by prenuptial agreement.
  • Making prenuptial agreements irrevocably binding.
  • That marriage should be based solely on contract law.
  • The establishment of equal treatment of males and females by all aspects of the criminal justice system.