Life’s Episodes

“As ginger and pepper, for cooking, flavors entice,
Joy and grief are life’s episodes basic spice,
As seeds planted grow stale without rain,
Joy granted is petty till one knows pain.
ow can one know the value of light,
Until stranded alone on a remote beach all night;
Understand enlightenment forsaken,
’till the fog lifts and his mind awaken;
Know the value of peace, benevolence and kindness,
with no perception of hate or war’s blindness;
Appreciate warmth, having never known cold,
Thwart fear having never been bold?”

“How can a man love if not loved, as a child,
Feel primal wilderness, if never camped in the wild,
Know faith if not taught virtuous roles,
Dream and have no goals,
Journey with no destination,
Promise with no obligation,
Have a friend and not be a friend,
Value and have nothing to defend,
Understand Aristotle’s Golden Mean,
With no knowledge of virtue and vice’s extreme?”

~ Knarley Knundrum, (Contemporary Philosopher, Poet, Author, and Dissident -About 1950 to present)


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