Judge Pegulator Praxidyke

Let me make proper introduction of the Superior Court Judge. I had two friends in particular, Delian residents, who had suffered their divorce with this judge presiding and they had some particularly nasty and bitter things to say about her, which can’t be literally repeated here, for the sake of decency. I knew what I was up against, but the only way to avoid it was to give up, and let them have their way with me, and I wasn’t about to do that.

I discussed the imminent divorce with a retired former Juneau police officer, then living in Delian. The former officer asked who the judge was to be in my case. I told him and was quite surprised at his response. “Ah, Peggy Ulator Praxidyke, aka Peg to her lesbian buddies at the Juneau Yacht Club, aka Pegulator to everyone else.”

Note: Praxidike is from classic Greek Mythology – the goddess of judicial punishment and the extractor of vengeance. Praxidyke is an alternate spelling.

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